Ever wanted to know if it was possible to design a business card in Procreate? Well, it totally is. It’s a little bit of a different process than you might be used to but it’s still a great option for designers. Let me show you how to do it!

1. Pick a canvas size

For the business card size I usually go with 1050×600 pixels if I’m using vistaprint or 1098×648 pixels if I’m using MOO. I recommend checking with your printing company for their exact business card sizing before starting your design.

2. Set your color profile to ‘CMYK’

CMYK is used for designs that go straight to the printer (like this one!).

If you don’t know how to do this, watch my tutorial HERE.

3. Import your logo

Go to settings>Insert a file>Choose your logo file

If you don’t have a logo yet, you can make one in procreate right now before you continue to step 3.

4. Test out some text options

Because procreate now has the ability to add text, it is really simple to add all of your contact info into your design.

5. Put the front and back of the card on their own layers

Make sure the front design is on a separate layer from the back design. This will make sense when we go to save and export at the end.

6. Align text

You can use the transformation tool for this. It is the icon that looks like a mouse. Tap it and you can move your logo around to the perfect spot.

7. Design your business card background

Go to Layers Panel>Background Layer>Uncheck the checked box. You CAN’T skip this step. If you do, your logo will have a weird white box around it. Your clients do not want that!

8. Save as PDF or PNG

You need to save it as a PDF or PNG to get the highest quality print.


How To Make A Business Card In Procreate


Jul 6, 2020

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