One of the most common questions Adobe Illustrator beginners ask is how do you make a heart in adobe illustrator? This seemingly simple shape is actually very complex when you’re just starting out as a graphic designer. I’m going to walk you through my step by step process to making a heart in AI. Once you master these steps you will be able to quickly draw up a heart without any worry or angst.

Okay, here we go!

1. Go to the tools panel and select the Ellipse Tool

Draw one perfectly symmetrical circle. You can do this by using your smart guides or holding down the SHIFT key. If you’re not familiar with how to make a circle yet in Adobe Illustrator don’t worry, you can watch my video HERE on how to do it!

2. Go to the tools panel and select the Rectangle Tool

Make a rectangle that is the same width as the circle. Then line up the top side of the rectangle with the center of the circle (see my video below if you’re confused). Fill in the circle and the rectangle with the same fill color.

3. Select both shapes then go to Object > Group

Doing this helps ensure that both the circle and the rectangle are linked together while we move them. It is the perfect way to make sure nothing moves or slides and remains symmetrical throughout the entire process.

4. Select Object > Transform > Rotate

Once you’ve gotten to the Rotate dialog box you’ll want to select the amount of degrees you want to rotate to. Rotate to 45 degrees. Then duplicate your shape by hitting copy & paste

5. Select the duplicated shape and Reflect

Once you’ve reflected the second shape go ahead and evenly line up the two parts of the heart. Then group all of the objects together. You will notice some excess hanging off the bottom. Don’t worry, were getting to that next.

6. Pathfinder > Divide

If you don’t see the pathfinder tool window on the the right side of your workspace then go to Window > Align. The box should pop up and then just toggle to the Pathfinder tab.

7. Pathfinder > Divide

To select the Divide option just hover your mouse over the shape icons. The icon all the way to the left is the Divide tool. Click that. If nothing happened then make sure your shapes were all selected and grouped together.

8. Ungroup your objects and delete excess

Ungroup everything by going to Object > Ungroup. Then with the selection tool, click on the excess boxes hanging at the bottom of the heart and delete both of them. That’s it! You’re done. You can group everything back together if easy selection.


How To Make A Heart In Adobe Illustrator

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Nov 5, 2018

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