Learning how to make a logo with Procreate can be a little daunting at first, especially if you are new to designing all together. But, Procreate allows for so many amazing and unique ways to personalize a logo that were almost impossible to do digitally before Procreate existed! You ready to jump right in? Let’s go!

1. Pick a canvas size

For an initial logo mockup I usually go with 1200×1200 and then adjust the canvas size at the end.

If you don’t know how to readjust the canvas file size after already working on a project, check out my tutorial HERE.

2. Test out some hand-lettered & text options

Because procreate now has the ability to add text, it is really simple to experiment with different fonts in your canvas.

3. Put each logo on its own layer

I recommend putting each design option on its own layer to help you organize your files and to also make it easy for you to make changes for your client.

4. Align Logo

You can use the transformation tool for this. It is the icon that looks like a mouse. Tap it and you can move your logo around to the perfect spot.

5. Make background transparent

Go to Layers Panel>Background Layer>Uncheck the checked box. You CAN’T skip this step. If you do, your logo will have a weird white box around it. Your clients do not want that!

6. Save as PNG

This stands for Portable Network Graphic and it’s the best quality raster you can have for a logo.

PRO TIP: Once I save my PNG, I go into Adobe Illustrator and convert my file into a vector (which I highly recommend you do if your an experienced designer), but if your brand new to designing saving as a PNG is fine for now.


How To Design A Logo In Procreate


Jul 3, 2020

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