Have you been wanting to learn how to make stickers in Procreate but have no idea were to start? I hear ya. It can be a little intimidating when you’ve never done it before. But, one you get the process down your sticker possibilities are going to be endless! Let’s dive in!

1. Create Custom Canvas

I recommend making your canvas 8.5×11 inches or 850×1100 pixels for this project.

If you don’t know how to create a custom canvas, watch my tutorial on how to do it HERE.

2. Draw your Stickers

You have free rein here. Draw as many as you want and make sure they fill up the page as much as possible.

PRO TIP: To keep things organized make sure to put each sticker drawing on its own separate layer.

3. Go to Brush Library

This is the brush icon in the top right of your toolbar.

4. Select ‘Hard Brush’

In your Brush Library go to the Airbrush category and select ‘Hard Brush’.

5. Choose white as the brush color

You need to choose white because traditionally that is the color of the background on a sticker and sticker sheet.

6. Make your canvas background to black

This is just temporary while we finish filling in the back of each sticker.

7. Draw a white background behind each sticker

This is going to be your final sticker boarder once everything is printed. Keep this in mind while filling it in.

8. Turn entire canvas background transparent

Go to Layers Panel>Background Layer>Uncheck the checkmark

9. Save artwork as a PNG

Go to Settings>Share>PNG. Saving as a PNG makes sure your background will remain transparent (which is what we want!).

10. Import your saved file into Circuit Design Space or Silhouette Studio.


How To Make Stickers In Procreate


Jul 1, 2020

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