Learning how to blend in procreate can be challenging to figure out. With all the different brush libraries it’s hard to know what brush will give you the best blending result.

That’s where I come in. I have tried blending objects with many different brushes and tools and I’ve found a process that yields amazing results.

This is how I blend everyday in Procreate and I’m excited to share my process with you guys! Let’s get started.

1. Make a clipping mask

If you don’t know how to do this you can just put your objects one one single layer. Just remember, you can only blend if all objects are ‘together’ things can’t be on separate layers.

2. Select the top layer of your mask

This is the layer that is ‘clipped’. This layer has an arrow pointing down on it. That’s how you know you have selected the correct layer.

3. Tap the Smudge Tool

This tool is in the top right of the toolbar and looks like a hand pointing down.

4. Select Airbrushing> Soft Airbrush or Soft Brush

Soft Airbrush: Smaller brush used for blending intricate thin lines.

Soft Brush: Large brush used for blending larger areas with a more gradient look.

I like to keep my Soft Airbrush on Brush Size 15-20%. And my Soft Brush on Brush Size 10%.

5. Turn Brush Opacity Down to 55-60%

We don’t want full opacity on blending brushes. The nature of blending is to combine two colors not create harsh edges.

6. Use Light Pressure Strokes

Try to hold your Apple Pencil light in your hand like a drumstick. Do the reverse of how you would normally draw and barely press down on each stroke. Remember we are blending not drawing so you need to use half the pressure you normally use.

7. Go slowly

With blending less is always more. Don’t feel pressured to over blend. Slow down your strokes and take your time to perfect the perfect look.


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Apr 7, 2020

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