If you are new to Adobe Illustrator one of the first things you’ll probably want to learn is how to make a circle. Circles are integral parts of illustrations and can be used to make so many different complex shapes. Making a circle is quite simple once you understand the basic Adobe Illustrator tools.

Just make sure that you’ve learned a few of the basic tool functions before we get started. You can check out my previous post “8 Simple Tips Adobe Illustrator Beginners Need To Know” to get your feet wet with all of the basic tools and designer lingo.

Okay lets dive right in.

1. Go to the tool panel

The tool panel is located all the way on the left of the Adobe Illustrator workspace. It holds all of the tools needed to do anything in the software.

2. Click and then hold the Shape Tool

To find the shape tool just hover over the tools in the tool panel until you find the one that says “Shape Tool”. It should be on the first column, row 5. Once you’ve found it, hold down the tool and an alternate menu will pop out.

3. Select the Ellipse Tool

Now there are a few ways different ways to make a circle from here. First, you can double click and a dimensions box will pop up for you to enter in the exact dimensions you desire. Second, you can start dragging the circle out by holding it down. In order to maintain the circles perfect proportions make sure you’re holding down the shift key as you move it.

PRO TIP: If you have “Smart Guides” turned on in Adobe Illustrator CC, you don’t have to hold down the shift key. It automatically keeps the proportions of the object. Just make sure the cross is showing up inside the circle and you’ll know that it is perfect!

4. Customize the shape

After you have the circle sized exactly how you want it, you can easily adjust the stroke, fill, and opacity to get the specific look you are desiring. And you’re done!


How To Make A Circle In Adobe Illustrator

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Nov 1, 2018

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