Have you seen those super cute instagram gif stickers on all your favorite brands instagram stories? I know I have! Have you ever wished you had some to match your business brand? Well, today I’m going to show you how to make your own instagram gif stickers using procreate! Let’s get started!!

1. Turn Animation Assist on in Settings Panel

Settings>Canvas>Animation Assist> Turn the toggle ‘ON’ (it will be blue). You should see a bar pop up at the bottom of the canvas with a couple different options.

2. Click on Settings in Animation Assist toolbar

PRO TIP: For animated GIFs I use ‘Loop’.

3. Turn Onion Skin Frames to ‘MAX’

4. Turn Onion Skin Opacity to 50%

This is so you can see where you’re drawing better.

5. Click ‘Add Frame’

The frames are the layers so when you add a frame you are adding a layer. Think about it like you would a paper flip book. Each frame is a page in your book that makes up your entire animation.

6. Start making frames

Now that you have decided how you want your animation to move, go ahead and start with layer one. What I like to do is copy my last frame to all my layers and then erase objects as I go.

7. Adjust your frame speed

Once you finish making your fames you can mess with the frame speed. Go to the Animation Assist toolbar and click Settings>Frames Per Second. Then hit ‘Play’ to decide if it’s the right speed for you.

8. Export Animation as Animated GIF

Go to Settings Panel at the top left of the screen. Tap Share>Share Layers> Choose ‘Animated GIF’ option.

9. Save to Camera Roll

Select this option when exporting. This is the easiest way to get your gif from Procreate to your instagram stories.

Note: Make sure before you go any further that you have your instagram story already queued up and ready.

10. Select Share in Camera Roll

In your camera roll, tap on the gif you just saved and then at the top right click the share button.

11. Tap Copy

A share menu will pop up and you should see a button that says ‘copy’. Tap that.

12. Go To Instagram Stories

Your instagram story should be already queued up.

13. Tap On Sticker GIF Pop up

A pop up will appear on your instastory draft that says Sticker. Click it! This will add your animated gif to your story automatically! That’s it!!


How To Make Instagram Gif Stickers In Procreate


Jul 8, 2020

procreate instagram gif sticker

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