Have you ever wished you could save time by figuring out how to save colors in procreate? Well, it’s definitely possible. When working on branding projects this can be such a time saver for any designer. Let’s get started!

1. Go to Color Panel

To access this just go to the top right of your toolbar and click on the colored circle.

2. Tap ‘Palettes’

At the bottom of the Color Panel window you should see a few different options to choose from, tap on Palettes.

3. Tap to the ‘+’ sign

This creates a brand new blank color palette for you.

If you are using colors from your specific brand color scheme continue following the steps. If you want to save colors that you are using in your canvas, skip to step 6.

4. Go to ‘Value’

This pulls up your specific color values. Don’t feel overwhelmed, all were are looking for is your hexadecimal code box.

5. Type your Hex-code

Enter your specific brand color hex-code in the hexadecimal box.

6. Tap on empty grey square in your palette to save

This saves it indefinitely. Every time you open Procreate you will be able to access this palette.

PRO TIP: You can use your color picker to save specific colors in your artwork or use your color disc to grab colors. Check out my tutorial on how to do this HERE.


How To Save Colors In Procreate


Jun 19, 2020

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